Mitica Mitica Fig Almond Cake

Cake/cracker/delicious. Layers of Pajarero figs, Marcona almonds, herbs and spices that can be used as a base for many different meats and cheeses.  Quick Facts Origin:  Spain Unit Size: 9oz. The Flavor Experience This flourless cake is a traditional combination of almonds hand-pressed between layers of whole dried figs with a hint of anise. No preservatives, no artificial ingredients, just the perfect snacking vehicle for some Spanish meat and cheese. The Story Mitica is a brand representing top of the line products imported from Portugal, Italy and Spain, including dried fruit breads, mostardas, jams, jellies, cheese and serrano ham. Their Fig & Almond Cake is a family recipe that has been produced in the Alicante region for over 200 years. Mitica (MIH-tih-kah) is a Latin word for mythic and a name which could be interchangeably Portuguese, Italian or Spanish.  Usage Tips The perfect place to layer some slices of Manchego and a dab of membrillo. Or, cut this cake up and use on a cheese board with some Garrotxa or Leonora. The point is, it's a perfect pairing vehicle for all Spanish or Spanish-inspired cheeses.