Agrumato Lemon Olive Oil

Milky and sumptuous, vegetal notes glaze the palate and a crisp, cleansing burst of lemon follows at the finish. A celestial lemon grove for the senses. Quick Facts Origin: Abruzzo, Italy Unit Size: 200 ML The Flavor Experience With sunny strokes of citrus and summer flora, Agrumato oil gently awakens the taste buds with a milky glaze of vegetal notes followed by a burst of refreshing lemon crispness that lingers and almost effervesces across the tongue. It evokes the experience of drinking a frozen lemon granita in an Abbruzzese olive grove. The Story Agrumato is the divine result of olives and lemons milled simultaneously in the ‘frantoio,’ or traditional stone olive mill, at the end of the harvest. This method both cleanses the mill and captures the essence of citrus, or ‘agrume.’ The complexity and robust flavor is unmatched by other oils that are merely infused with lemon, rather than pressed. This majestic oil has a long history and was traditionally kept by farmers to enjoy with family and friends rather than sold. It has garnered accolades across the specialty foods sector including holding the title of 1994 Fancy Food Show winner. Usage Tips Drizzle over Paski Sir or Gorwydd Caerphilly to highlight citrus and sea salt notes. Agrumato also acts as an exquisite dressing for summer salads and a marvelous marinade for grilled fish or calamari.