Badia Colti .5 L

An oil made for drizzling, it will emphasize the flavors of whatever you put it on. A big, bold traditional Tuscan oil. Quick Facts Origin: Northeast Tuscany Unit Size: 16.9 OZ The Flavor Experience A lot of bitterness in this one, but only when you taste it straight.  What comes across as bitter on your palate is indicative of the antioxidants in the oil.  Hence, when you add this to a plate of food, those antioxidants draw out flavors that might otherwise remain hidden. The Story Badia a Coltibuono was originally produced in a Tuscan monastery.  Unfortunately, a 1980 hail storm killed most of the centuries-old trees, and they now source their olives from neighboring estates.  This does not reduce the quality, though, and actually paves the way for a more consistent flavor over time.  By blending different olives from their neighbors, they can create the same flavor profile every year.  This would be nearly impossible with mono variety harvest. Usage Tips Think starches: potatoes, breads, pasta and hearty soups or stews.  It also works nicely on veggies or salads.