Bartolini Angeli Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Authentic Italian flavor straight from Umbria.  Quick Facts Origin: Italy Unit Size: 500ml The Flavor Experience Made from golden-green Umbrian olives, Angeli has an intense flavor that’s a hint fruity with a subtly herbaceous undertone.  The Story Obtaining high-quality extra virgin olive oil isn’t as simple as the dozens of bottles on the shelf would have you think. Few mills master the art of milling within the delicate 12-hour period from the moment olives are harvested. Doing so gives oils a fresher flavor true to the fruit’s origins. That’s what sets Emilio Bartolini’s varieties apart. Each bottle is made with the same careful methods his family’s practiced since 1850: Hand-picked olives, cold-pressed oil.  Usage Tips Get the full flavor experience by swirling a cube of warm focaccia into the oil with a dash of salt and pepper. Baste a fresh branzino, or artichokes with it and grill away.