Cappezzana Olio Novello 2020 Harvest

Freshly-harvest, handcrafted olive oil that you’ll use for everything.  Quick Facts Origin: Tuscany Unit Size: 500ml The Flavor Experience Not all olive oils are created equal, and Tenuta di Cappezzana proves that year after year. This year’s harvest comes from the renowned Tuscan estate of Filippo Contini-Bonacossi. Each drizzle brings a complex flavor of green almond, tart apple, ripe black olives, and a hint of chicory.  The Story The Bonacossi family is legendary in the world of wine and olive oil. Tenuta di Capezzana is one of the premier wine and olive estates in all of Italy, housing five separate olive groves and various vineyards.  Usage Tips Toss with fennel and zucchini before they hit the grill, massage into hearty greens like kale, or drizzle atop your favorite plate of pasta with a sprinkle of parmesan and pepper.