Di Bruno Balsamic Glaze

This delicious glaze is the balsamic reduction that saves you one ruined pan.  Quick Facts Origin: Modena, Italy Unit Size: 8.5 oz. The Flavor Experience Reduce no more! Rich with molasses sweetness, the dark, winey notes of its mother vinegar, and a hypnotizing glossy sheen, this concentrated glaze is just the thing for everyday drizzling and special occasion dousing. The Story Balsamic vinegar was a regional Italian specialty until about thirty years ago when it irreversibly swept the nation, altering our notion of vinegar for all eternity. No longer will vinegar live only as a mere preservative, ingredient, or home-remedy: we now drizzle it over our desserts and stir it into our cocktails. Where would our notion of a complete list of salad dressing options, or out image of white space on a restaurant appetizer plate, be without our now beloved balsamic vinegar?  Usage Tips A concentrated, sweet condiment perfect for meats, cheeses and salads. Create a perfect pairing with a decadent triple crème cheese like Delice de Bourgogne, chocolately Cinnful Cocoa Pecans and our Di Bruno Bros. Balsamic Glaze. Pan-seared pork chops dress up beautifully with a drizzle of this glaze. Don’t forget to save a drizzle for the vanilla ice cream afterwards.