Di Bruno Bros. Sicilian Olive Oil 1 L

Quite simply, the best olive oil we have ever bottled. Quick Facts Origin: Val di Mazara,  Italy Unit Size: 33.8 oz. The Flavor Experience A blend of  70% Biancolilla, 20% Cerasuola and 10% Nocellara del Belice olives results in the perfect mix of buttery sweetness with slight pepper notes. The Story This is the first Di Bruno Bros. product to carry the PDO seal, signifying Protected Designation of Origin by the Italian government. In 2018, we convened our vaunted team of tastemakers to improve upon our best-selling Sicilian oil. We collaborated once more with Manfredi Barbera, our friend in Palermo and one of the finest olive oil producers in the world. Emilio, our VP of Culinary Pioneering, had his olive oil horizons broadened long ago with help from Manfredi. " Manfredi Barbera was pressing and blending olives from Sicily to show the world how great Sicilian fruit was. The first time I tasted it, a light went off in my head. Until then we only sold commodity brands that were quickly becoming staples of local supermarket shelves. After tasting the Barbera olive oil and sampling it next to what we had on the shelves, it was clear to me that I needed to phase those out and start to look for more of the quality of estate oils that Manfedi was producing. I met Manfredi the first time that I went to the Fancy Food Show in NYC at the Javitz center. Manfredi spent an hour educating me on how to taste olive oil, and what to look for in its aromatics and texture. Then we spoke about how it is used in Italy. I realized then that we here in The States were much too casual about our food and we needed to think of our food as much more precious; we needed to stop taking it for granted. I credit Manfredi’s passion for a simple ingredient as my inspiration for wanting to eat and taste everything that I came across."   Usage Tips Think Mediterranean flavors and dishes for this oil – it’s perfect for dipping bread or for drizzling over salad, pizza, and pasta FIG PIZZA WITH CHEVRE & BALSAMIC GLAZE Recipe by Jackie Botto 1. Drizzle  Sicilian Olive Oil  and shredded mozz on shaped pizza dough, bake at 475 degrees for 5 minutes. 2. Top with torn pieces of  prosciutto   & sliced  figs . 3. Bake for 6 more minutes. 4. Top with oiled arugula, chevre crumbles and balsamic glaze .