Marques De Valdueza Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Rich and buttery with a delicate, slightly floral finish. An outstanding finishing oil- pour over grilled seafood or poultry. Delicate and rich, glides across your palate like melted butter. Quick Facts Origin: Merida, Spain Unit Size: 16.9 oz. The Flavor Experience Round and full, this oil is full of fresh fruity notes- tomato, persimmon, even banana shine through. Finishes with hints of nutmeg and allspice. The Story This oil is produced by a single estate that has been in the family since 1624. So rich in tradition, the Perales estate was only modernized for production in the 1980s. An olive blend is used for this oil and features a rare varietal named Morsica that is native to their estate. Usage Tips Toss greens, Ortiz sardines, roasted red peppers and a generous splash of this oil together for the perfect lunch.