Olio Verde Novello Oil 2020 Harvest

Hearty and lush.  It blooms on top of freshly prepared pasta or homemade pizza. A pioneer of the Sicilian olive oil scene, focussing on quality over quantity. Quick Facts Origin: Castelvetrano, Sicily Unit Size: 16.9 oz. The Flavor Experience A staff favorite, it is bursting with a multitude of flavors that is undeniably appealing.  It covers the entire flavor spectrum, from fruity to grassy, vegetal to peppery. The Story Made from the Nocellara del Belice olive, which is one of only a few that is suitable for olive oil production and for use as a table olive.  Gianfranco Becchina, the producer, chooses to harvest these olives in September, when they are still green and have less oil to give.  But what he sacrifices in quantity he more than makes up for in quality.  Younger olives are more intensely flavored, and result in an oil that is vibrantly grassy with a balanced, black pepper finish. Usage Tips A little drizzle is all you need to elevate the likes of Zuppa de Pesce, antipasto, or grilled bitter greens like Arugula, Rapini or Radicchio.