Phaedra Ancient Groves Cbd Oil

Carefully crafted olive oil infused with full-spectrum hemp.  Quick Facts Origin: Greece  Unit Size:  50 ml The Flavor Experience It requires skill and decades of experience to read the natural signs of olive groves and understand when it's prime to pick their fruit. Phaedra's master harvesters' diligent eyes set themselves above the rest for their attention to detail and dedication to hand-picking. Infused with full-spectrum hemp for the healthful benefits of CBD, each bottle is handcrafted to perfection.  The Story Since 1919, Ancient Groves has been rooted in hope and ambition. The dream of founder Demetri and Eleni Sekmakas was to create a grove that harvested mother nature's fruits 100 percent naturally. Today, great-grandson Alexi continues his family's mission with humble, undomesticated olive groves.   Usage Tips Try a drop in coffee or morning tea to mellow bitterness and ease you into your morning routine.