St. Lucifer Divine Nectar Habanero Balsamic Vinegar

Barrel-aged balsamic vinegar infused with habanero pepper. Heat, sweet and loads of flavor.  Quick Facts Origin: Modena ,  Italy Unit Size: 8.5 oz. The Flavor Experience With a subtle heat that arrives on the back end, St. Lucifer's Divine Nectar Habanero Balsamic is your new favorite vinegar. Perfectly balanced with spice and sweetness and well-suited for making salads, charcuterie and veggies pop with biting brightness. The Story Philadelphians Ted Ebert and Tom Hewell took their post-college shared affection for all things spicy, and have slowly grown an exciting local business. With their Habanero Spice Blend, the two began to make waves locally, with highly-regarded local restaurants using their products in place of hot sauce. They continue to develop all-natural, delicious and heat-filled products that break the mold and excite the senses. Usage Tips Have a little drizzle on fresh prosciutto, salads, roasted vegetables, cheese, meats and even ice cream. A little spice can be oh so nice.