Peet's Coffee Cafe Domingo Medium Roast Whole Bean

Peet's Coffee® Cafe Domingo™ Medium Roast Whole Bean. Smooth, Balanced, Medium Bodied. Net Wt. 12 OZ (340 g). Commitment To Freshness: We roast our beans to each day's order and ship quickly, delivering freshness you can taste. Our Promise: We believe there's only one way to roast coffee: With the precision of a craftsman who relies on his five senses not a computer-to arrive at perfection. We believe coffee beans are at their peak the second they emerge from the roaster, and we are unrelenting in packing, shipping and personally delivering them quickly to maintain that peak flavor. We believe when we've done our job, you will experience something you've never tasted before-something uniquely rich and deep. The truth is, we don't believe in taking shortcuts. That's why Peet's can promise something you just can't get anywhere else: The perfect cup. A Tribute to Cafe Culture: There's nothing like great coffee to bring friends and neighbors together. This Latin American medium roast pays tribute to an old pastime: Lingering in one of our cafes, sipping an expertly brewed cup. Tasting Notes: Smooth and balanced, with hints of toffee sweetness. Experience Peet's: Enjoy an expertly brewed cup at one of our cafes, or have the world's finest coffees delivered to your door. Talk to an Expert: Our experts are always ready to talk beans, brewing and the perfect cup. Guaranteed fresh within 90 days of roasting. Call: 800.999.2132.