Peet's Coffee® Costa Rica Medium Roast Single Origin Ground Coffee 10.5 Oz. Bag

People & Planet™For decades, Peet's has been committed to supporting our coffee-growing communities. We work tirelessly to source all of our coffees in a responsible manner, and our People & Planet coffees highlight our dedication to provide remarkable quality while caring for farmers and the environment. Single OriginPerched on the approaches of Poas Volcano, Finca La Hilda is the pride of the Vargas family of farmers. We trade directly, visit annually, and are proud to pay a premium for the impressive quality and progressive practices. The Original Craft Coffee™Obsessed with FreshFresher coffee makes a more flavorful cup. That's why we roast to order & deliver directly to grocery shelves—ensuring we get it to you faster and fresher than anyone else. Direct Trade Faster to You, Fresher to Brew