Maxwell House Cafe Collection Bold French Roast Arabica Coffee T Discs , Caffeinated, 16 Ct 4.45 Oz Package

Tassimo Maxwell House Cafe Collection Bold French Roast Coffee T-Discs bring you a sophisticated blend that lives up to the French tradition of bold, strong coffee. This full-bodied dark roast brew is robust and full of flavor, complemented by a powerful aroma and a silky smooth finish. Made from premium 100% Arabica beans custom roasted to perfection, these single-serve coffee discs create a consistently great-tasting cup of fresh, made-to-order coffee. Maxwell House bold French roast coffee is specially packaged into T-Discs that are compatible with the Tassimo t20, 45 and 47 coffee brewers. To preserve the intense aroma and robust flavor of this French roast coffee, store this 16 count bag of coffee discs in a cool, dry place.