Baba's Bucha Kombucha, Premium, Purple Rain

60 Calories; 9 g sugar. Vegan. Farm to bottle. ammy and luscious with a mouthful of fresh berries and kick of sweet spice. Kombucha was one of the first words I learned from my great-grandmother Baba as a child growing up in Siberia. As far back as I can remember, Baba always had a thick glass jar tucked away in the top corner of the pantry. Combining my passion for food as a chef and my childhood traditions, I created a gourmet kombucha that satisfies even sophisticated foodies. Baba's bucha is an authentic raw kombucha infused with whole organic fruit, herbs, and spices, just like Baba used to make. No juices, concentrates, extracts, or BS ever. Made in PA.