Crystal Light Strawberry Kiwi Powdered Drink Mix, Caffeine Free, 2.3 Oz Can

Artificial flavor. 5 calories per 1/5 packet. Gluten free. Sugar free. No caffeine. Low sodium. 90% fewer calories than leading beverages (Per 12 fl oz beverage, this product 5 calories, leading beverages 100 calories). 6 pitcher packets. Makes 12 quarts. 1 packet makes 2 quarts. Each packet is filled to make 2 quarts. Crystal Light Artificially Flavored Strawberry Kiwi Powdered Drink Mix is a refreshing beverage you can enjoy at any time of day. With zero grams of sugar and only 5 calories per serving, Crystal Light is a sweet alternative to juice and soda and has 90 percent fewer calories than leading beverages (this product 5 calories, leading beverages 70 calories), so you don't have to choose between taste and calories. It's also made with classic fruit flavors for a refreshingly smooth taste. Each pitcher packet of powdered fruit drink mix in this 6 count canister is perfectly portioned to make 2 quarts or 1 pitcher of Crystal Light sugar free fruit drink, so there's plenty to share with family and friends. Simply mix one fruit drink packet with 8 cups or 2 quarts of water, stir, and enjoy! All the flavor and only 5 calories... just the way you like it.