Tea Pigs Teapigs Chamomile Flowers Tea

Teapigs believes you should never have a bad brew. They use only whole-leaf teas sourced from selected estates, including their delicate and soothing Chamomile Tea. Made with whole chamomile flowers (never crushed or ground) sourced from Croatia, Teapigs Chamomile Tea is floral and sweet blend with all of the deeply soothing, relaxing properties the little buds are known for. Quick Facts Origin: Brentford, England, United Kingdom Unit Size: .79 oz. The Flavor Experience You're getting very sleepy...if you're drinking this pure, whole flower Chamomile tea plucked in Croatia and bagged by our friends across the pond at Teapigs. Chamomile has long been known to have soothing, relaxing properties, and is a favorite amongst tea drinkers after a long day. But unlike other chamomile teas, Teapigs uses whole chamomile flowers, never crushed or ground. The Story Teapigs was started in 2006 by two self-proclaimed tea addicts, one of whom is a certified Tea Taster. Disappointed with the availability of high quality teas, they set out to make their own. Teapigs is committed to sourcing the best whole leaf tea from only selected estates, including those in China, India, Rwanda, South Africa, and Morocco. And it's tea you can feel good about: Teapigs donates a portions of the proceeds of English Breakfast to an orphanage in Rwanda situated near the fields the tea is plucked from. Usage Tips Drink before bed, with just a little bit of honey, to thoroughly relax and unwind, or during the day if you find yourself overwhelmed.