Calasparra Rice

Large grains that absorb plenty of stock but never get mushy. Use this historic rice for an authentic paella. Quick Facts Origin: Spain; Murcia Unit Size: 2.2 LB The Flavor Experience Calasparra Rice is ready to take up all your stock, with a grain that will expand during absorbtion without getting gummy or turning to mush. This authentic paella rice is cultivated in Spain’s Segura Valley under strict DOP standards, so you can count on each dish-full to overflow with tradition and devotion. The Story Calasparra Rice (also known as Sollana) owes it's capacity for absorption to it's long maturation. The grain is allowed to mature on the plant for a full season before being harvested. The Village of Calasparra still irrigates their rice paddies with mountain water delivered by ancient aqueducts. Remnants of the Roman Empire, the aqueducts were coopted by and modified by the Moors during their “Green Revolution” of southern Europe during the Middle Ages, when they also introduced rice from Asia. Usage Tips Paella is really about the rice, so since you’ve got that down, why not make the rest easy on yourself? Chorizo Cular, with a smoky-spicy tone, dices easily, and Cole’s Smoked Mussels will save you a few steps with no sacrifice to greatness. Of course, you’ll need saffron, so pick up some Safinter Saffron, 100% stigmas. Paella aside, Calasparra Rice makes a fine side dish. Cook it with a little white wine, tomato juice, roasted garlic, and Calabrese peppers.