Cattlemen's Memphis Sweet Bbq Sauce, 18 Oz

Coat traditional barbeque fare in the undeniable taste of Cattlemen’s® Memphis Sweet. Bold spices harmonize with real sugar, molasses, pineapple juice and pepper to craft a sweet, deeply flavorful and complex sauce. Awarded the *Master Chef’s Seal of Excellence® after outperforming a competitor in over 500 evaluations of taste and performance. One taste of Cattlemen’s® will tell you this is how barbeque was meant to be. Because at Cattlemen’s, we cling to some pretty high standards. We make our sauce with a hearty tomato paste and other carefully chosen ingredients. No starches or fillers means better coverage and authentic flavor for your ribs, chicken and chops. *The Master Chef’s Seal is a registered trademark of Master Chefs Institute, LLC.