Alp Blossom

This creamy cheese with a nutty flavor is rich and dense and all around delicious. The rind is covered in herbs and edible flowers, giving this cheese floral notes and the award of prettiest cheese you'll ever eat. QUICK FACTS Origin: Austria Milk Type/Treatment: Pasteurized Cow   THE FLAVOR EXPERIENCE A nutty cheese that is rich with a nice bite to it. The herbs and edible flowers on the rind give this a subtle sweetness. THE STORY Made by Sennerei Huban, the first cheese school in Austria, Alp Blossom celebrates the Alpine flora of the "Hay Belt" area. After 6 months the wheels are transported to a cave at Kaeskuche in Bavaria, where the rind is covered in the same flowers and herbs from the surrounding Alpine meadows that the cows who produce the milk graze on.  USAGE TIPS Pair with any Bavarian beer!