Caffe Vergnano Caffe Vergnano Venezia

Enjoy 2 for $20!  (limit, 10 units) Intense aroma and easy sip-ability make for a total body experience.  Quick Facts Origin:  Italy  Unit Size:  12 oz.  Grind: Medium  Intensity:  3 The Flavor Experience Sure, we could go on and on about the nuanced flavor of Venezia — it’s subtle sweetness, balanced fruitiness, delicate bitterness. But what makes this blend from Caffe Vergnano next-level good is the incredible aromatics as you brew. Each cup wakes you up from the moment you open the bag to the minute you take your first sip.  The Story Since 1882 the Vergnano family has been committed to sourcing and sharing the best beans possible. Five generations later, the company has grown from a small cafe in Chieri to an international name is quality coffee. Each bean, espresso, or pod is made with the same commitment to quality (and sustainability) as Domenico Vergnano intended.  Usage Venezia can be easily enjoyed as a drip coffee or a French Press.