Caffe Vergnano Coffee, Espresso 1882, Decaf, Capsules

Roasted and blended in Italy. Since 1882. New capsule + crema. Capsules Compatible with: Originalline machine by Nespresso. Intensity. Aroma. Body. Sweetness. Balance. Decaffeinated coffee blend with a mild taste and a pleasant rich aroma. 10 single-portion capsules of finest blends are carefully selected and roasted to prepare the best Italian espresso coffee. Each capsule is specially packed to protect the quality and freshness of the coffee over time. Medium Roasting: Espresso: 30 ml. A blend of decaffeinated coffee, with caffeine content not over 0.10%, roasted, ground and packed in protective atmosphere by: Casa Del Caffe Vergnano S.P.A. The New Capsules for Food Waste Disposal: The compostable capsule, certified by Vincotte organization, can be disposed of within the Food Waste, without removing the coffee. The capsule is sent to specialized composting plants depending on the local recycling standards. The capsule is not intended for backyard composting. Compostable (compostable capsule). In compliance with regulations: ASTM D 6400-12. Recycle! Box: Cardboard: To be disposed of with paper waste (PAP21). Bag: Plastic to be disposed of with plastic waste. Capsule: Compostable material, to be disposed of with food waste (follow your local recycling regulations). System Certified by Certiquality.