Caphe Thailand Single Origin Coffee

Our Thailand Single Origin coffee is sourced from Pa Miang, Thailand. The beans are located at 1,500 meters above sea level, which contributes to its clean, cocoa, nutty flavor profile. Thailand is home to a blossoming coffee industry, and Elephant Nature Park has created an initiative to support local villages through coffee education. The park provides the initial coffee plants to the villages and teaches them farming and processing techniques. This new connection between the park and small scale farms has created jobs for many people, specifically women who have been marginalized. This project has empowered them to provide for their families, learn a useful skill set, and gain a voice in their communities. Net Weight: 10oz VARIETY & PROCESS: Bourbon, Washed TASTING NOTES: Cocoa, Peanut Butter, Cloves ROAST LEVEL: Light As one of the winners of Shift Capital’s Kensington Avenue Storefront Challenge, Càphê Roasters embarked on the goal of revitalizing the neighborhood of Kensington through coffee.  Founded in 2018 by Raymond John, non-profit CEO of 12+, and Thu Pham, a Vietnamese American raised in Philadelphia, Càphê Roasters is the first and only Vietnamese specialty coffee roaster in Philadelphia, operating in the Kensington neighborhood.  We offer coffee primarily sourced from Vietnam as well as other Southeast and East Asian regions, specially roasted to deliver the best drinking experience. Càphê’s mission is to bring communities together as inspired by the common Vietnamese expression “Ä‘i uống cà phê” translating to “let’s get coffee,” which in the Vietnamese culture signifies community engagement.