La Colombe Coffee, Darker Roast, Monte Carlo, Decaffeinated

With notes of hazelnut and sweet grain. Crafted with specialty coffee beans from Colombia. Story of the Bean: The quintessential classic decaf coffee with everything: rich flavor and aroma, full body and moderate acidity in perfect balance, yet without the caffeine. Monte Carlo is extraordinary in every brewing process from French press to filter coffee to espresso. Our Story: Todd Carmichael and JP Iberti founded La Colombe on a simple but profound premise: Coffee can change the world. By sourcing and roasting with care, through 25 years of hard work and innovation, the two have created coffee experiences shared in cafes and homes across the country. 5 principles. Farm assist. Visit our website Go to for more brew guides. Sustainable Packaging: We use biotre bags the most sustainable solution for coffee packaging. It keeps the beans fresh, is better for the environment, and is a clear material so you can see your coffee. Biotre by PBI: This box is made from recycled materials containing post consumer waste and is 100% recyclable. Earth friendly. Strictly earth conscious.