La Colombe Nizza Coffee

Nizza is a blend of beans from Colombia, Brazil, Ethiopia, and Honduras, made to be an ideal, sophisticated espresso roast. A solid pull of espresso requires a strong and intense bean blend. Nizza is that blend. Quick Facts Origin: Philadelphia, PA Unit Size: 12 oz. The Flavor Experience It's one of La Colombe lighter blends, but Nizza doesn't sacrifice on flavor. A complex and perfect balance of bright acidity and smoky bitterness, with a subtle taste of caramel at the finish, Nizza is a delicious roast that makes it perfect choice for brewing espresso. The Story La Colombe was founded in 1994 in Philadelphia by Todd Carmichael and Jean Philippe Iberti, with the vision to create the perfect "culinary coffee," an elevated caffeine experience with a strong focus on flavor and quality. They opened their first cafe near Rittenhouse Square and now, 18 years later, have 11 cafes across Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, and DC. La Colombe is committed to ethical, earth conscious trade practices, and has a deep dedication to philanthropy, providing healthcare and education to orphaned children in Ethiopia and Uganda, and digging 1,000 water wells across Africa to ensure access to clean water for all. Usage Tips Dig out your demitasse cup and matching spoon! Whether you have a traditional automatic machine or a stovetop Moka brewer, Nizza is the perfect blend of beans for a shot of espresso.