Rival Bros. Rival Bros. Whistle & Cuss Blend

Whistle & Cuss is a complex and smooth roast perfect for espresso or mixed with milk for a frothy cappuccino. A fantastic, bold medium roast blend of carefully sourced beans, Whistle & Cuss is poised to become your go-to coffee. Quick Facts Origin: Philadelphia, PA Unit Size: 12 oz. The Flavor Experience Rival Bros. Whistle & Cuss coffee is an enjoyably sippable blend of beans from Indonesia, Africa, and Latin America, with a nutty aroma and the sweet taste of fresh berries and toasted hazelnut. LIke it's name suggests, Whistle & Cuss is a relentless, in-your-face coffee with impressive complexity. The Story Rival Bros. is a small-batch artisanal roaster founded in 2011 by two Philadelphia natives and lifelong friends, Jonathan Adams and Damien Pileggi, a chef and experienced coffee roaster who wanted to create an authentic local coffee that embodied the bold spirit of the city. They started selling coffee out of a food truck, and recently opened their first brick & mortar cafe in Fitler Square. Usage Tips it's bright mix of aromas and flavors makes Whistle & Cuss blend an unconventional, yet deliciously rewarding, choice for espresso.