Saxby's Saxby's Liquid Courage Dark Roast

Enjoy 2 for $20!  (limit, 10 units) Whole bean, dark roast, no-nonsense.  Quick Facts Origin: El Salvador - San Miguel region, Guatemala - Huehuetenango region, Colombia - Huila region Unit Size:  500 g  The Flavor Experience It’s time to champion not just the morning, but the whole day too. Liquid Courage gives you the edge with notes of dark chocolate, maple, and a smooth vanilla finish. It’s bold without being rash, smooth yet strong, robust without being bitter.     The Story Founded by Nick Bayer in 2005, Saxby’s is a neighborhood favorite for college students and coffee aficionados alike. Responsibly sourced and roasted right in South Philly, each bean is held to the highest quality standards.  Usage Liquid Courage comes up nice as a filtered brew, but really shines when you make it in a French press. Saxby’s recommends 55 grams of ground coffee to 1000 grams of water to serve two with a full-bodied cup.