Saxby's Saxby's Pep Talk Coffee

Enjoy 2 for $20!  (limit, 10 units) Whole bean coffee with sweet notes.  Quick Facts Origin: Huehuetenango region, Colombia - Hulia region,  Brazil - Cerrado region Unit Size:  500 g  The Flavor Experience Don’t settle for merely waking up. Pep Talk inspires your bland morning routine with subtle sweet notes of butterscotch, chocolate chips, and dark cherry. Kind of like a caffeinated cherry cordial.  The Story Founded by Nick Bayer in 2005, Saxby’s is a neighborhood favorite for college students and coffee aficionados alike. Responsibly sourced and roasted right in South Philly, each bean is held to the highest quality standards.  Usage Pep Talk is best brewed as a filter coffee. Grind your beans according to your coffee maker’s preference (hint: Chemex likes a grind similar texture to sea salt). Saxby’s recommends 30-32 grams of ground coffee to 500 grams of water to serve two.