Amarena Cherries

For best results, marinate in a cocktail. Quick Facts Origin: Italy Unit Size: 8.1 oz. The Flavor Experience Amarena cherries make a fine accompaniment to a wide range of foods. They can pose the perfect counterpoint to any savory or salty component - think duck prosciutto, goat cheese, Jamon Serrano, pistachio—and have just enough acidity to cut through the fat with sweetness to counter the salt. Also, a chocolate cake will never be the same. Cocktails? Maraschino? Whatever!!! The Story Gennaro Fabbri was born in Bologna in 1869 and began selling cherries and cherry related items in 1905. For over a hundred years, Amarena cherries have been made by the Fabbri family using Gennaro's well guarded original recipe. Amarena Cherries are made by blending Prunus Avium, the wild cherry with the sour cherry, a variety of Prunus Cesarus, known for its tart and slightly bitter flavor. They are native to Bologna and are mixed after harvesting before being aged in a mix of water, sugar and citric acid. Usage Tips Take the edge off a blue or tart up a sinfully sweet dessert. Garnish an Old Fashioned or sub in for wherever Maraschino is called for. Oh! and Delice! I mean, come on, have you even read our book?