B Li S Bourbon Barrel Pure Maple Syrup

Matured in 20-year-old oak bourbon barrels, this is a flavorful and distinguished maple syrup worthy of Sunday brunch. From barrel to bottle, BLiS's Matured Pure Maple Syrup is a carefully crafted take on the traditional breakfast staple, full of complex flavor. Quick Facts Origin: Grand Rapids, Michigan Unit Size: 12.7 oz. The Flavor Experience All of the sticky sweetness of a traditional maple syrup, amplified by BLiS's signature bourbon barrel aging process. This maple syrup has delicious notes of honey and warm vanilla, with the interesting addition of charred oak, thanks to the 20-year-old barrels its made in. The Story BLiS ("Because Life is Short") is the creation of Steve Stallard, a classically trained chef with a passion for unique, gourmet food and ingredients. All of the sauces BLiS produces are aged in 20-year-old bourbon barrels, ensuring a variety of rich and complex flavors throughout the brand. Usage Tips Swap out Aunt What's-Her-Name for BLiS Bourbon Barrel Matured Pure Maple Syrup and your Sunday brunch routine just got a whole lot more interesting. Pour over pancakes, let flow over French toast, or even serve with a savory Monte Cristo, for a truly decadent meal that will bring everyone to the table.