Bellei Composta Di Fichi Fig Balsamic Compote

Made with freshly picked figs from an orchard in Italy, and aged balsamic vinegar certified by the E.U., this preserve will make you pucker. A surprising sweetness rounds out the sour shock of vinegar, for an evenly balanced flavor perfect on everything from cheese to shortbread cookies. Quick Facts Origin: Italy Unit Size: 7.7 oz. The Flavor Experience Bellei Balsamic Vinegar "Composta di Fichi" (that's 'Fig Compote' in Italian) is the perfect marriage of classic flavors from the Emilia Romagna region of Italy. Sweet figs plucked from Bellei's own orchards are preserved in a strong and sour balsamic vinegar, without any added thickeners. The Story Bellei is a family owned and operated producer of fine balsamic vinegar, located in Modena, Italy. In 2009, they received a Protected Geographical Indication status from the European Union, certifying that their balsamic vinegars are exclusively produced in Modena and the Emilia Romagna region using only the seven types of grape varietals native to the area. They age their balsamic vinegars in wood barrels, from a minimum of 60 days to three years. Usage Tips Spread a little fig compote on a strong, salty cheese, like Pecorino or Parmigiano-Reggiano, for a combination of flavors your mouth won't soon forget. Or, try at breakfast instead of a more traditionally sweet jam for your toast. The sweet and sour combo will wake you right up