Bellei Composta Di Fragole Strawberry Balsamic Compote

Thick with fruit, holds up on a spoon but spreads just fine. A sweet and tangy match we love, now in jam! Quick Facts Origin: Italy Unit Size: 7.7 oz. The Flavor Experience Could this be the perfect jam? Composta di Fragole combines sweet, buttery strawberries with the tangy caramel flavors of balsamic vinegar, and, boy, if this isn’t a mutually beneficial relationship! Each component borrows from and lends to the other just what they need and have, emerging with a sweet-and-tangy, spreadable condiment that has no misuse except nonuse. The Story The strawberry, and it’s many, many varieties, has a long history in Europe. Known primarily as a wild berry in ancient literature, the strawberry, prized its for tiny, sweet red fruits, gained popularity in French and English gardens as an ornamental and culinary treat over the centuries. It wasn’t until two New World species, on from North America’s East Coast and another from Chile, were introduced and (accidentally) hybridized that the Europe become hungry for the big, meaty strawberries popular today. Usage Tips Spread Composta di Fragole on a toasted Philly Muffin and finish with a generous schmear of Delice de Bourgogne or Capricho de Cabra: you’ll never need cream cheese again. Taleggio, in its yeasty, melty glory, and a thin slice of Speck Alto Adige become an epic grilled cheese with a dose of Composta di Fragole.