Brine Street Pickelry Brine Street Dem Spicy Spears

Philly-born and Philly- brine d, these pickle spears are prepared and packed with chili peppers, resulting in a flavorful spice that has you reaching for more. Quick Facts Origin: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Unit Size: 24 OZ The Flavor Experience The salty, vinegar-y, tangy, bite of a perfect pickle....with a hot kick that bite you back in the best way possible. The Story Once upon a time, a man from Philly was enjoying a Bloody Mary in New Orleans when he found inspiration in a pickled green bean. It was delicious! It was innovative! He couldn't get enough! Soon he was back in his kitchen, creating flavorful pickles, green beans, and relish made with the freshest local ingredients around, and  Brine  Street Picklery was born! Usage Tips Enjoy these pickles layered on sandwiches, on the side of the plate, or on their own. Batter 'em up and fry them for the perfect snack at your next house party. Enjoy with beer, a spritzer or a hot of other refreshing beverages.