Sicilian Pistachio Spread

Sweet & creamy pistachio spread! Pistachios get luxurious in this decadent dessert spread, made from Sicilian pistachios and extra virgin olive oil. Enjoy an intensely nutty flavor and aroma that you’ll smell the second you pop open the lid. Good luck putting that lid back on after you taste it... QUICK FACTS Origin: Montopoli In Sabina, RI, Italy Unit Size: 8.8 oz. THE FLAVOR EXPERIENCE Imagine the texture of Nutella, but with a sweet and creamy pistachio flavor as opposed to chocolate. Real pistachio paste blended with extra virgin olive oil gives this sweet spread a rich, velvety texture and glossy sheen. Enjoy it over a crunchy hunk of aged Gouda or in place of anywhere that you'd normally add Nutella. THE STORY Antonio della Corte is an accomplished baker, known for making sweet speards and confections. Anna Maria Conti is known for running a farm with a bed and breakfast just north of Rome. On Anna Maria's land there are exceptional olive trees, from which she makes exceptional olive oil. In 2012, Antonio and Anna Maria thought it would be a good idea to marry this exceptional oil with some of Antonio's confections. Turns out, it was a brilliant idea. They first started selling their amazing wares in farmer's markets around Rome. And now, just three years later, they are known the world over for making these unbelieveable spreads. USAGE TIPS Perfect on its own - just grab a spoon! Can also be a delicious filling for tarts, on top of fresh fruit or with bread pudding. For a very Di Bruno pairing, this goes exceptionally well dabbed on top of L'Amuse Gouda.