Crisp & Co. Crisp & Co. Spicy Dilly Beans

Delicate and wispy, but with a solid snap. Don't let these skinny guys fool you, they pack a mean punch. Quick Facts Origin: Hockessin, Delaware Unit Size: 24 OZ The Flavor Experience It's love at first bite: an immensely satisfying crunch gives way to an explosion of spices. So much intense flavor is packed into every stalk, you'll wonder how they stay so thin. The Story Crisp & Co is an artisanal pickle company founded in 2012 in Hockessin, Delaware. These Dilly Beans are the work of Crisp & Co's resident non-cucumber pickling professional, Linda Ziedrich, who's written two books on food preservation. She lives on a farm in Oregon, and is constantly experimenting with flavors and ingredients. Fun fact: green beans are considered one of the easiest items to pickle. Usage Tips For a bloody mary with an elevated twist, skip the celery and pop a few of these crunchy beans in the mix instead. Their briny spiciness will add a welcome heat to the cocktail.