Di Bruno Bros. Black Olive Tapenade

Salty, silky black olives are the star of this jar. Quick Facts Origin: Italy Unit Size: 4.6 oz. The Flavor Experience Our very own Black Olive Tapenade acts as the perfect base for a rich sauce, or a condiment to spread over crusty bread or grilled seafood. Our simple yet satisfying creation is made from black olives, olive oil, white wine, and a dash of salt. The Story Traditionally, a tapenade’s base ingredient is olive. Originating from the south of France, where it’s used often times in place of butter or olive oil, tapenade often mixes a few fine ingredients to produce a magnificent paste. Usage Tips Used as a condiment, or served with crudités, a homemade crostini, or grilled seafood, this tapenade will liven up any edible item.