Di Bruno Bros. Black Truffle Cream

A smooth paste like consistency which punches the palate. Pleasantly funky and easy to love, black truffle cream is versatile and adds a touch of elegance to any dish. Quick Facts Origin:  Italy, Umbria Unit Size:  2.8 OZ. The Flavor Experience Black Truffle Cream provides a front row seat to the freaky beautiful world of one of gastronomy's treasures. It serves as a fine introduction as it is easy eating while remaining dark and earthy, bringing to the palate a most intoxicating perfume. The Story Perhaps the most expensive cooking ingredient by the pound, truffles exude elegance. Famed Chef, Brillat-Savarin, referred to truffles as "the diamond of the kitchen and used them in a numerous recipes. Truffles grow naturally among the roots of oak, walnut, and hazelnut trees. and cultivation is difficult. Truffles are located with the help of specialized pigs or dogs and are dug up by forager before being brushed and brought to market. Truffles have been on chef's radars since the 20th century BCE and were mentioned by the prophet, Muhammed. During the Classical period, they were written about by Plutarch and Cicero among others. Usage Tips Our Black truffle cream can be used straight from the jar and served with crostini. Makes a wonderful addition to pizza and pasta. Can be mixed with Ricotta for ravioli filling. Black truffle cream stands up to heat well and can be used for a variety of cooking applications.