Di Bruno Bros. Brins Chili Pepper Jam

A pinch of heat and a touch of peppery spice makes for one zesty jam. Quick Facts Origin: Brooklyn, USA Unit Size: 7.5 oz The Flavor Experience Don't try this at home! Spicy chili peppers are cooked down in apple cider vinegar and then get balanced out with some fresh ginger root, fresh peeled garlic and a spritz of lime juice. The Story Brins produces small batch jams and marmalade entirely by hand in the heart of Brooklyn, New York. Brins uses offbeat ingredients to create funky jam flavors that are bright and bursting with different flavor profiles than one may normally expect. Other notable flavors include seasoned sorrel, spicy orange, smoky apple, rosemary grapefruit and lemon poppyseed. We don't have all of them online, but we've got them in the stores! Usage Tips Layer atop your avocado toast for the perfect spicy contrast to creamy avocado, or spoon a little bit on top of scrambled eggs. Cheesewise, this is a fun pairing for a very fresh (no rind) goat cheese, or even cream cheese or neufchatel. A little creamy to balance the bit of heat is the way to go.