Hank Sauce Hank Sauce Camouflage Hot Sauce

A zesty and flavorful hot sauce with a stealthy heat that keeps you coming back for more. In the war on bland food, consider this the Commander-in-Chief. Quick Facts Origin: Sea Isle, New Jersey Unit Size: 8 OZ The Flavor Experience Like it's traditional namesake, the heat in this bottle is camouflaged by the deceptive sweetness that first appears on your palate, before bursting through in an explosion of flavor. it's deceptive spice is an addictive taste experience. The Story College buddies Hank, Josh, and Matt started bottling Hank's DIY hot sauce as a college design project. They've since moved from dorm room, to taco stand, to standalone shop and restaurant in Sea Isle, New Jersey. Usage Tips Camouflage Hot Sauce makes the perfect wing sauce replacement, for fried or grilled chicken with a one-two punch. Add to your morning egg and cheese and wake right up!