Hank Sauce Hank Sauce Cilanktro Hot Sauce

Light and fresh with a generous amount of diced cilantro throughout. An herbalicious flavor experience your mouth will thank you for, emphasis on HANK. Quick Facts Origin: Sea Isle, New Jersey Unit Size: 8 OZ The Flavor Experience Five simple ingredients blended with a substantial amount of fresh cilantro work together to make this Cilanktro Hot Sauce the perfect choice to drizzle --or pour heartily-- over Mexican or Southwestern cuisine. The bold and herby cilantro flavor cuts through the acidity and makes the heat of this sauce almost pleasant. The Story People have been dousing their food with hot sauce for almost 6,000 years, and it takes some ingenuity to come up with a new spin on the old classic. But when college buddies Hank, Josh, and Matt started bottling Hank's DIY hot sauce as a college design project, they knew they were onto something good. They've since moved from dorm room, to taco stand, to standalone shop and restaurant in Sea Isle, New Jersey. Usage Tips Add a dash of Cilanktro to guacamole to give it an instant kick, or blend with sour cream for a spicy, saucy alternative to chips and salsa.