Hank Sauce Hank Sauce Heat Hot Sauce

Surprisingly smooth, it adds flavor and depth to foods ahead of it's strong spice. Supremely bold and savory, without sacrificing its fiery kick. Quick Facts Origin: Sea Isle, New Jersey Unit Size: 8 OZ The Flavor Experience Don't let the subtle approach of heat fool you, this is a mercilessly spicy hot sauce for when regular hot sauces just won't do. The Story College buddies Hank, Josh, and Matt started bottling Hank's DIY hot sauce as a college design project. They've since moved from dorm room, to taco stand, to standalone shop and restaurant in Sea Isle, New Jersey. Usage Tips This amped up hot sauce works perfectly in classically spicy dishes like curry and gumbo, and can hold it's own against other bold ingredients without overtaking your palate.