Hank Sauce Hank Sauce Herb Infused Hot Sauce

A refreshing approach to a traditional hot pepper sauce that won't distract or detract from your food. A vibrant and unique hot pepper sauce made with just a few simple, fresh ingredients. Quick Facts Origin: Sea Isle, New Jersey Unit Size: 8 OZ The Flavor Experience This Herb Infused Hot Sauce is the perfect supplement to almost every food, because it amplifies the natural flavors instead of masking them with an intense burn. The spiciness is subtle, secondary to the bright taste of garlic and basil. The Story New Jersey native Hank Ruxton began making this hot sauce in college to kick up the flavor of all his favorite foods, from burgers to tuna salad, to even soup from the dining hall. Together with two friends, he started bottling it as a college design project. They've since moved from dorm room, to taco stand, to standalone shop and restaurant in Sea Isle, New Jersey. Usage Tips Combine a bottle with barbecue sauce for an elevated pulled pork with a delightful kick of flavor, use as a substitute for ketchup, or add to your favorite foods to let them taste new to you all over again.