Regalis Lowbush Blueberry Preserves

Bright, beautiful flavors that take any dish to the next level.  Quick Facts Origin: United States - New York Unit Size: 7.5 oz The Flavor Experience Not to be confused with ordinary blueberries, the lowbush variety is truly the standout of the berry family. Lowbush berries are small yet full of flavor, easy to spot in its vibrant blue hue. A hint of cane sugar and lemon juice give the preserves just the kick of acidity they need for a well-balanced bite.  The Story Since 2012, Manhattan-based Regalis has supplied some of the world’s rarest foods to Michelin-starred restaurants and home cooks alike. Precious gems like imported caviar and fresh truffles are regular finds for founder Ian Purkayastha, a 27-year-old Arkansas native.  Usage Tips Syrup will be a thing of the past for your pancakes when you taste this spread. Ideal for drizzling/smearing across blueberry hotcakes, or as a topping for vanilla ice cream.