Lillie Q Smoky Barbecue Sauce

Sweet and smoky like you’ve been cookin’ for hours.  Quick Facts Origin: United States – Illinois  Unit Size:  21 oz.  The Flavor Experience Real barbeque lovers know, good things take time. That’s the genius of Lillie’s Q. This Memphis-style sauce brings all the flavor of its namesake — a slow-cooked smokiness — but with a hint of molasses-like sweetness to finish each bite.  The Story Growing up in the small town of Greenville, SC, Charlie McKenna learned all he knew of cooking from his grandma Lillie. So, it only made sense that when Charlie opened his first restaurant in Chicago, he named it after the woman who taught him the art of going slow and creating something great. Multiple restaurants, sauces, rubs, and mixes later, Grandma Lillie’s recipes remain the same and reign supreme.  Usage Tips Take your time and slow cook ribs or smoked chicken with a hearty pour of Lillie’s over the top. Baste before, during, after — or, heck, all three — for a full flavor experience.