Soom Foods Soom Premium Sesame Tahini

The magical secret sesame ingredient behind your favorite hummus or peanutty-flavored sauces. Kosher, gluten free and dairy free. Quick Facts Origin: Philadelphia Unit Size: 11 oz. The Flavor Experience Tahini, a paste made from sesame seeds, is often used in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines. You may know tahini as the superstar secret ingredient in your hummus makes the ground chickpeas smoother in texture and enhances their flavor - a hummus without tahini is just not a hummus. Soom's smooth, silky tahini is made with Ethiopian White Humera sesame seeds, which yields a silky smooth texture that no standard supermarket tahini can ever achieve.  The Story Soom Foods is the Philadelphia-based, women-owned business of three sisters—Shelby, Jackie and Amy—who are bringing the best tahini possible to the states after sourcing it from Israel. Their headquarters is based in Philadelphia, but the tahini is imported from Israel. Single-sourcing and small batch processing result in a clearly superior product, and one whose moment is just about to arrive. Usage Tips Hummus is obvious, but there's also so much more to do with tahini. Use it in cookies or baked goods, spread a layer on a crostini with fresh or roasted vegetables, use as the base for a spicy peanut-esque sauce....the options are surprisingly endless.