Sugar Bob's Smoked Maple Syrup

Think smoked barbecue as much as your morning strips or grits. Quick Facts Origin: Rutland, VT, USA Unit Size: 8 fl oz. The Flavor Experience We all love the flavor of smoke, perhaps it's our natural instincts as cave-persons to trust that something is cooked, something is good to eat. This dark, viscous syrup will bring to life all manner of dishes, and its versatility is matched only by its pureness. The Story Robert “Bob” Hausslein is a sugar guy. He started humbly by selling at his local farmer's market in Londonderry, VT. As is the case with unique, classically-crafted product, word caught on and his syrup is reaching more and more food lovers. Usage Tips You could literally use this on anything, from glazes and marinades to your cheese board, where we've enjoyed a drizzle on Alpha Tolman and Cabot Clothbound Cheddar . Think BBQ as much as breakfast. Or have BBQ for breakfast!