The Better Sugar Just Date Syrup

California Medjool dates show sugar how it’s done.  Quick Facts Country of Origin:  United States - California   The Flavor Experience Sweet doesn’t have to mean unhealthy. Medjool dates' low glycemic index and high levels of vitamins like potassium and magnesium make this tasty selection of syrups a clear choice for health-conscious and adventurous foodies alike. Notes of caramel and vanilla come through in Just Date’s Original variety, while Just Date Pomegranate offers a fruitier note for glazes and marinades.  The Story Dr. Sylvie Charles was on the hunt for a healthier sugar alternative (that didn’t sacrifice flavor). While initially, her hunt seemed  fruitless , she remembered family chutney recipes that used Medjool dates to sweeten them. Harnessing the date’s sweetness by creating a syrup, she found her answer to an all-natural sweetness that still tasted great.  Usage Tips Add a drop to your morning cup of coffee or tea. Drizzle over pancakes, yogurt, or ice cream. Toss with olive oil and spices for a tasty marinade.