Vesper Bros. Chili

Our NEW Signature Chili starts with our famous Arrabbiata “Spicy” Tomato Sauce, then we added two different kinds of beans (White Cannelini, and Red Kidney), a bunch of fresh veggies, a couple different spices, and THAT’S IT! A uniquely traditional twist on a classic dish! Our Chili is fully prepared in the jar, so just heat and serve! Note that we’ve left the meat out so if you’re a vegetarian or VEGAN, you’ll be happy to know you can enjoy our chili too! BUT, if you’re a meat lover, you can add whatever protein you prefer; ground beef or turkey, shredded chicken, etc! *Hint: One pound of ground or shredded meat seems to be the perfect amount to one jar of Chili! No matter how you eat it, we think you’re going to really love it!