Viva Leaf Viva Leaf Lavender Honey

Earthy sweetness with antioxidant properties.  Quick Facts Country of Origin:   United States - Pennsylvania  Size:  4.5 oz. The Flavor Experience Subtle sweetness balanced with floral notes make this heavenly honey that much more divine. Made from Viva Leaf’s farm-fresh lavender, this tasty variety is rich in flavonoids naringenin and luteolin, known for having antioxidant-like properties. The Story Viva Leaf Tea prides itself on cultivating organic teas and varieties of honey straight from their little farm in Germantown, Pennsylvania. Healthful, traceable, sustainably-farmed ingredients are the key ingredients for them and partner farmers who help create their small-batch, handcrafted products.  Usage Tips This soothing sweetness is perfect for a morning cup of Earl Grey, or at night with a warm cup of chamomile tea.