Frantoia Frantoia Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This buttery-yet-robust all star has become a staple in our pantry. Loaded with bite, this oil refuses to take a backseat to your dish. Killer for roasting game meats or drizzling atop your favorite greens. A spicy Sicilian so versatile we can't keep it off our kitchen counter. Quick Facts Origin: Sicily Unit Size: 33.8 OZ The Flavor Experience This oil is great for cooking but has the complexity to round out any dish. Notes of almond and bell pepper with a zippy, spicy finish. The Story The Barbera family has been producing oil since 1894. Two brothers, Vincent and Lorenzo, began growing citrus and olives on their estate near Palermo and soon began bottling oil. Four generations later, their oil is bottled in Murano glass and revered for it's flavor and consistency. The Barbera family handpicks the olives and then sorts them for quality. This unfiltered oil is a blend of several Sicilian olive varieties: cerasuola, biancolilla, and nocellara. Usage Tips Mustard greens, leg of lamb, artichokes.